Modge Podge by Fevicryl

Modge Podge by Fevicryl

When it comes to Mod Podge, the arena is pretty much dominated by Plaid. It has 16 varieties of Mod Podge and is universally popular as makers of Decoupage glue. Mod Podge is not only a trade mark. It is also a top class quality product. Mod Podge makes the task of Decoupage a breeze. …

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decoupage starter kit

What is Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a three in one Decoupage glue. It is a glue, sealer and finisher, all in one. It is a product specifically designed to keep decoupage in mind. It can be used for other art and craft techniques also. But so far as decoupage goes, there is no substitute for Modpodge. So for …

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decoupage paper

What is Decoupage paper

Decoupage is the art of pasting or gluing paper on ordinary objects to beautify them. The word decoupage comes from the french word “decouper” which means to cut out. A piece of paper is stuck to any object with a process which when finished looks as if the paper was always there with the object. …

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Canvasify Medium Grain Stretched Round Canvas

What is canvas

Canvas is a woven fabric, either of cotton or linen. It is a durable cloth used for bags, tents, etc. It is used mainly outdoors to keep various elements at bay. The choice of canvas for painting began as early as 1400s. But it was not before 1600s that the Venetian artists led the charge …

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camel camlin kokuyo artist gesso white

What is Gesso

Gesso is an essential art supply to make your art surface ready for painting. It is very similar to that of white acrylic paint. Once applied it has a thick coating and makes the surface stiff and hard. It also dries quickly. Good thing about gesso is that you can apply it to any surface, …

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