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The Decoupage Starter Kit – The basic items

Decoupage is the art of beautifying everyday and ordinary items. Primarily it is done by fusing a tissue or paper with any surface. Decoupage India arms you with the basic and advances techniques to begin your fun with Decoupage. But before you begin, you need to be ready with you tools and material. Here is a basic list of items to begin with. Please note that this is just a list of items required to begin with as a decoupage starter kit. Detailed usage and guide to decoupage is covered in a separate article.


Gesso or Artists Gesso is used for making any surface ready to accept colors. Read more about Gesso at the following link.

What is Gesso
A brief guide on Gesso

Camel Artists’ Gesso is a good product for all priming needs.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is the most popular decoupage glue. It is a three in one product which acts as a glue, sealer and finisher. It comes in five varieties like matte, gloss, sparkle, outdoor and paper matte. Mod Podge is the essential item in the decoupage starter kit

Decoupage Tissue Paper or Paper Napkin

The only thing that differentiates between a decoupage tissue and ordinary tissue is the wonderful colors and designs. So this is the key element of decoupage. A tissue paper is relatively thinner and less expensive. While a paper napkin will not only be thicker, it will have at least a double ply. 

Acrylic Colors

Acrylic colors are versatile. They are best of both the world between oil and water colors. And they are bright and vibrant. The world of decoupage wants nothing short of brilliance. So acrylic colors are the natural choice for any coloring activity. 

A brush set

To accompany the colors, we do need a good set of brushes. Decoupage purpose, flat brushes are preferred. But since we also have to use colors, a beginner set would be a judicious mix. Check out this inexpensive, but a good quality set of brushes.

MDF boards or box

Finally we need something as part of a starter kit to begin with decoupage. An MDF board or box can be a good beginning. But if we have to work on an item which will look good as a finished product, lets start with something like a pen stand. Or even something with lots of space to work on.

This decoupage starter list is by no means complete and comprehensive. But it is a good place to begin for any person who wants to start exploring the world of decoupage.

decoupage starter kit

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  2. Sushmita Bhowmick

    I want to try decoupage. What are the basic things that I need to buy. And where do i get them?

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