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Five minute Decoupage – Using transfer me sheets on candle stand

Image transfer a tedious process needing lots of patience. Results are varying. In the age of home printing it is easy to just paste a picture after printing it. In decoupage you might need pre made patterns to decorate your work of art. To ease the process, today we are featuring a new product called Transfer Me sheet.

Where to buy Transfer Me sheets

You can get the largest variety of Transfer Me sheets online. One such store is where you will find a large collection. They have an online store and delivery to any part of the world.

How to use the sheets

We take the base of the candle stand and apply a coat of artist white or gesso. There are two advantages of using a primer. It gives a smooth base for you to work on and also brings out the colours or images more distinctively.
Allow it to fully dry and use more than one coat if needed.

Cut out the image from the transfer sheet. Cut it as closely as possible. There is a protective transparent sheet on the top of the image. Remove it. Place the cut sheet on top of the base, image facing downwards as shown. Using a sponge soaked in water dab on top of the cut sheet to cover the whole sheet. Remove the excess water with a tissue. Pull away the sheet leaving the image behind. Allow it to dry.

Seal the whole thing with an acrylic varnish or decoupage glue.

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