Canvasify Medium Grain Stretched Round Canvas

What is canvas

Canvas is a woven fabric, either of cotton or linen. It is a durable cloth used for bags, tents, etc. It is used mainly outdoors to keep various elements at bay. The choice of canvas for painting began as early as 1400s. But it was not before 1600s that the Venetian artists led the charge to popularize it. Before canvas, painting was done on wood panels or planks. Panels are heavy and need special care and handling. Canvas on the other hand comes in different shapes and sizes. It comes in the form of a roll or mounted on a board or stretched on a frame. These days canvas sold in stores are primed.

Origin of canvas

Canvas is strong and sturdy. It is also lightweight. Hence it is most popular as a painting surface. Most large size paintings are now preferred on canvas. Printing technology has also enabled images to be directly printed on canvas. Canvas comes in two variety. Cotton and Linen. Linen canvas is made from fibers of a flax plant. It is more stronger and durable than cotton canvas and is also more expensive. Professional artist use linen canvas for long lasting paintings. They also choose linen canvas for its sturdiness for big sizes. Canvas originated in the form of linen. But in 1900s as cotton reached the industry, it was used as an inexpensive alternative for canvas. Besides this, cotton as canvas gives a uniform finish and it stretches easily.

Why canvas

Canvas being made from fabric soaks colors. Plus the surface is uneven because of the woven threads. Gesso is applied to make the canvas surface smooth. This process of applying a coat or two of gesso is called priming. Priming holds the colors at bay. It whitens the canvas and colors appear more brighter on a primed canvas. Canvas sold in art and stationary stores are ready from printing.

Use of canvas in Decoupage

Decoupage point of view, any kind of tissue or paper can be pasted on canvas. But the fun begins when one wants to use color as well as tissue on the same canvas. Merging of tissue and color is easy on canvas and gives stunning results. But like in the art world, canvas is still very very uncommon in the world of decoupage.

Where to get canvas

Canvas is commonly available in art stores and stationary shops. Quality wise, it is safe to stick to your neighborhood store as you will get discounts. Online shopping gives you ease and convenience. Check out packing before ordering for large size canvas.

Variety of boards available online

Camel Camlin Kokuyo Canvas Board
Camel Camlin Kokuyo Canvas Board



In some situations, a black canvas is the need of the hour.

Canvas stretched on board also comes in different shapes.

Canvasify Medium Grain Stretched Round Canvas
Canvasify Medium Grain Stretched Round 

To cater for a specific art segment, we also have

Canvasify Pre Printed Canvas Boards - Ready to Paint
Canvasify Pre Printed Boards – Ready to Paint

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  1. Decoupage can be done on any surface, including wooden and metal articles, or canvas and even plastic. The shapes of the articles are also very important. Curved articles enhance the beauty of the artwork, she adds.

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