decoupage starter kit

What is Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a three in one Decoupage glue. It is a glue, sealer and finisher, all in one. It is a product specifically designed to keep decoupage in mind. It can be used for other art and craft techniques also. But so far as decoupage goes, there is no substitute for Modpodge. So for every person who is learning decoupage it is important to master its use. Luckily, use of Mod Podge does not involve much learning curve.

Mod Podge as all in one

  • As a Glue – While using as a glue, it bonds well with the layer of gesso and tissue paper. While drying, it gives enough time to set the tissue paper properly without any wrinkles and bubbles. Applying with a brush over gesso, it spreads smoothly and evenly. It dries to a clear finish.
  • As a Sealer – After gluing the tissue or paper, one can apply a coat  to smooth the edges and seal them flush to the surface. Any excess of Mod Podge does not leave any rough edges.
  • As a Finisher – Once the process of decoupage is finished, we have a number of elements on the board, paper, tissue, acrylic colors, etc. The finish of each of element is different. Applying a layer  gives a uniform finish to your complete work.

How to prepare a surface and apply

Mod Podge can be applied virtually on any surface. Use of a broad and flat brush is strongly recommended. This will ensure that an even coat  is applied. Make sure the surface is clean of dirt or any such impurities. Usually in decoupage even if you are not planning to use colors, a layer of gesso can be applied first. This will create a good base for both tissue and mod podge.

Mod Podge by Plaid

Technically speaking Modpodge is a decoupage glue. Decoupage glue by definition should be thin and dry as a transparent layer. Internet is full of links and videos showing how to create your own decoupage glue. But Mod Podge is strongly recommended for best results. This article might sound as a promo for Mod Podge by Plaid. But lets face reality, Plaid now has about 17 varieties of Decoupage glue under the Mod Podge brand. You now have a decoupage glue for every requirement.

Modpodge is water based glue. It is non toxic and drys to a clear finish. Most varieties dry to a water resistant finish except for one which is dish washer safe. It can be mixed with acrylic colors and applied. It does not require any special preparation. It can be used straightway out of the box.

Mod Podge Matt Glue

By far the most common and popular decoupage glue in use. It is commonly available in most art and craft stores. Click below for online options.

Matt version dries to a transparent layer which is almost invisible. If seen against light it appears as a rough finish like matt.

Mod Podge Gloss Glue

A gloss finish means a layer of shine on your decoupage project. It is easy to wipe. Compared to matt finish it will not attract dust particles. Gloss finish shines against light. But remember it is not water proof yet. For that you have to use a different version of Mod Podge.

Mod Podge Glue starter pack

This glue pack is ideal for those who want to take a plunge in the world of decoupage and try out its variations. This pack contains five varieties, namely gloss, matt, sparkle, paper matte and outdoor. It is an ideal pack for gifting or as part of a DIY set.

decoupage starter kit

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