Modge Podge by Fevicryl

Modge Podge by Fevicryl

When it comes to Mod Podge, the arena is pretty much dominated by Plaid. It has 16 varieties of Mod Podge and is universally popular as makers of Decoupage glue. Mod Podge is not only a trade mark. It is also a top class quality product. Mod Podge makes the task of Decoupage a breeze. Today we shall discuss about a new entry in the market, Modge Podge by Fevicryl.

Modge Podge

Since the brand name Mod Podge is trade marked and copyrighted by Plaid, Pidilite Industries Ltd has come up with an interesting workaround. Under the brand, Fevicryl which specialises in hobby and art and craft products, specialist glue for decoupage has been named Modge Podge.

Comparison between Mod Podge and Modge Podge

Drying Time : Drying time is the same for both Mod Podge by Plaid and Modge Podge by Fevicryl. It takes 15-20 minutes for one coat to dry. This is using both directly with a brush without adding any water.
Consistency and Quality : Overall, congratulations to Pidilite to come up with such a good quality product. It is high quality glue, sealing properties are perfect. It is consistent and dries to a transparent finish. There are no lumps in the bottle and it is ready to use directly with a brush.
Bottle size and packing : Modge Podge has been packed in a beautiful plastic bottle which is easy to use. It has a double arrangement where one can pour the desired quantity or unscrew the top to directly dip a brush. The cover contains detailed instructions in brief. It contains a procedure to use the glue for decoupage.

The Deal Breaker

Pricing : With both Mod Podge and Modge Podge leveled as far as all points go, it finally comes down to pricing. Here is where Modge Podge by Fevicryl scores more than Mod Podge by Plaid. Mod Podge is a product of USA. Means it is imported in India by various dealers and distributors. Date of import and currency exchange prices determine the actual cost. It also means that Mod Podge is available at selected stationary shops only. Other option is online purchase. With this product by Fevicryl, it will now be easily available in each and every stationary shop across the length and breath of the country. And it is 20 to 30% cheaper.

Modge Podge by Fevicryl
Specialist Glue for decoupage. Modge Podge by Fevicryl

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