How to do decoupage

How to do Decoupage

Decoupage is the process of beautifying ordinary and everyday objects. Usually one needs to draw or paint to make an item colorful. But with decoupage one can skip the drawing process but yet produce stunning results. Decoupage involves pasting paper or pieces of paper on any surface using glue. Grownups and children alike can learn and practice the art of decoupage.

Basic items for Decoupage – Basic kit

  • Flat brush set
  • Artist Gesso or White Acrylic Paint
  • Mod Podge (Matt)
  • Decoupage tissue (as per choice)
  • Glass Bottle

These items are available in art and craft stores. For more details please check out this link.

Know about Decoupage starter kit

Steps to do decoupage

Apply Gesso on the side of bottle. Use a broad brush to apply even strokes till it is fully covered. Gesso does not need dilution. Gesso is basically a primer for the surface. It enhances the vibrancy of the tissue and colors. Apply additional coats of gesso if needed. Let it dry fully.

Gesso takes a lot of time to dry. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying. Meanwhile you can prepare the tissue paper for pasting. First plan which part of the tissue you want to cut and paste. Trace the outline of the cutting portion with a wet brush. The tissue needs to be torn by fingers to give the desired effect. If the tissue is two or more ply, remove the extra white sheets.

Apply a single stroke of mod podge with a broad brush. Place one side of the tissue gently so that no air bubble are trapped between the tissue and glass. Keep applying broad strokes of mod podge and placing the tissue paper on it. Once the tissue is fully placed, apply another layer of Mod Podge as a finisher. Allow it to dry.

Mod Podge is a three in one decoupage glue. It is a sealer, glue and finisher. Mod Podge is a brand by Placid which is specially made for decoupage. It is the most popular glue used in decoupage.

Finishing decoupage

One can use acrylic colors to enhance the area surrounding the tissue paper. Use a brush, sponge or even your finger to apply color to get the desired effect. Use another layer of mod podge to seal the colors.

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