Decoupage Paper by Nakshathra Designz

A variety of papers or fabrics can be used for Decoupage. You can use newspapers, magazine cut outs, pictures, wrapping paper, tissue papers or print outs for decoupage. Amongst these wide variety of options, the preferred choice is decoupage paper. Decoupage paper comes in two varieties, paper and tissue. With its huge range and variety in design, decoupage paper always gives a dramatic and stunning finish to any of your decoupage project.

Decoupage paper is available in standard A4 size. It is similar to normal paper but with rich designs. Paper is recommended to be used where one needs to make clean cuts and edges and pasted on the surface, without any paint or touch ups. Decoupage paper is mostly cut using a pair of scissors or pasted whole. The paper is sufficiently thick so that wrinkles do not form on the surface after the pasting process. A decoupage tissue on the other hand is meant to be torn by hand and then pasted on the surface. Accidental wrinkles are actually welcome and add on to the effect.

Nakshathra Designz

Nakshathra Designz is one of the leading scrap book paper manufacturers of India. Among art and craft products, it has a wide range of Decoupage paper. The paper is of a good quality and great designs. It is available online for sale with a number of websites. The following are the social media links.

Where to buy

Nakshathra Designz maintains a regular updated blog to announce new products and tips on Art and Decoupage. It also contains details on how to buy their paper. It has a mix of retail and online selling. Crafts Need and Amazon is the main source for online buying.

Please Note: This article contains affiliate links. Pictures have been taken from Amazon India.

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