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What is Decoupage

  • Decoupage is an art and craft activity
  • It is the process of pasting colourful tissue paper on any object to make it look new
  • It can be done by children from the age 5 years onwards
  • Simple decoupage can finish in two to three hours
  • Decoupage does not involve any drawing or painting activity
  • Decoupage is also called upcycle or upscaling
  • It is an easy to learn activity spread over two days
  • It uses special glue and tools which are available in major art and craft stores.

Learn the fascinating art of Decoupage

Its easy, simple, fast and interesting. Create your work of art and show it to the world.

How to Decoupage

Decoupage is the process of pasting colour tissue paper on any object using a special glue.

Pieces of tissue paper are placed on the surface and then covered with decoupage glue like mod podge. Once finished it looks like actually drawn.

Decoupage glue is a three in one glue which is a adhesive, sealer and finisher.

Decoupage paper is bright and colorful but still comes in the form of a printed paper.

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Decoupage Starter kit

What is Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a three in one Decoupage glue. It is a glue, sealer and finisher, all in one. It is a product specifically designed to keep decoupage in mind.…

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Decoupage is the art of pasting or gluing paper on ordinary objects to beautify them. The word decoupage comes from the french word “decouper” which means to cut out. A…

What is Reverse Decoupage

Decoupage on glass or similar material is called Reverse Decoupage. Glass being transparent, decoupage on one side is visible on the other. Glass surface adds on to the dramatic effect.…