What is Decoupage

Decoupage is an art and craft which involves cutting out images out of decoupage tissue paper and gluing it on a surface in a decorative pattern using your imagination and creativity.

Decoupage is a French word, decouper which means “to cut out”.

To learn decoupage, one has to follow a few basic techniques. The materials needed are easily available online or in any art and craft store.

Decoupage is mainly done on MDF boards. It also can be done on any material like plastic, canvas, shoe boxes, trunks, bottles, glass jars, the list is endless.

Brief steps for doing Decoupage

  • To start with, you have to select your item that you want to decoupage. It should be dust free. Give a fresh coat of paint of your choice or gesso. Let it dry out completely for 24 hours.
  • It is now time to decide on what you will like to cover it. It can be a tissue paper which is easily available or a newspaper cutting, picture from a magazine or personal photos.
  • Once the picture cut out is decided you can arrange it on the object before applying modpodge. Then you can do any changes in the arrangement by either overlapping the images or using your creative mind.
  • The trickiest part is using a foam brush apply modpodge. Arrange the paper slowly as to help it smooth out and to have a wrinkle free effect. You can use a sponge to damp the picture slowly. Let it dry out completely.
  • After its completely dried you can apply a second coat of modpodge for a long lasting effect.


Colors add a lot of effect. There are a wide range and types of colors available now a days. With a combination of colors and decorative tissue, your work of art will stand out easily.

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